Mouth-watering pies, cookies, berry turnovers and jams…Pennington Farms in southern Oregon delivers what today’s consumers crave most: straight-from-the-farm freshness. This unique combination of berry farm/flower farm/bakery/retailer/innkeeper and a fantastic real-farm family keeps hungry buyers knocking at the bakery barn’s door all year round.

Cathy Pennington, owner with husband Sam, is everything you would expect from a successful entrepreneur. She is exuberant. She is full of creativity and, maybe most importantly, she is flexible. “In 1994, we moved our family from our Colorado farm–where we primarily grew peonies and hydrangeas–to our current farm eleven miles south of Grants Pass, Oregon. The emphasis on berry varietals all started with my husband Sam planting 7 acres dedicated to berries and ended with us trying to figure out what to do with all the harvest. In the beginning, we baked 10 pies per day in our home kitchen and hung out a sign on the road saying ‘pies for sale.’ It’s hard to believe that we have gone from that humble start to now having a store-front barn bakery that sells breads, pastries, and a large variety of jams.”

Besides the goodies, the Pennington’s have a Farmstead home near the bakery that they rent out. Here guests can experience the entire farm while staying in the cozy home. Cathy encourages her overnight guests to visit the bakery and watch the process. Plus they can get a feel for the ways the family grows and harvests their berry crops.

“Our family feels really blessed that we have been able to create products that make our customers happy and an atmosphere that makes our farm stay house guests feel at home too,” said Cathy.

Interested in visited the bakery or staying at the Farmstead home? The farm/bakery is located just off Hwy 238 about eleven miles south of Grants Pass. 11341 Williams Hwy. Phone is: 541-846-0550 and their website is: You can click here if you are interested in shipping a true Oregon-grown Pennington Farms gift box to friends for the holidays: